Frequently Questions

Our crypto payment processor helps any type of online business accept crypto payments and card. Accept payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, Visa, Mastercard and more other options soon. Now stop worrying and let us handle all the steps for you.
Create an account in less than a minute on PaycashPay( A welcome email will sent to you then activate your account by click the link inside the email. You will immediately have access to your account dashboard. By default the account is inactive, just provide your ID and your business detail or your activity details in infos section on your profile, then your account will be active immediately.
Go to the profile page of your account and provide the requested information. Once this is done, the account is activated.
In the dashboard of the account, after it has been activated, you will find a link in red at the top right indicating the description 'integration guide'. Click on this link to access the API urls and integration methods.
Balances are available immediately after transaction confirmations, And withdrawal requests can be made at anytime