We make business easier through IT

Who we are

Paycashpay is a technology company solving payments problems for ambitious businesses, and opening businesses in Africa to new portals of technology such as cryptocurrency payment and web3 world. Our mission is to help businesses in Africa become profitable.

Our Values

We're a company deeply focused on providing solutions, letting businesses grow, and connecting businesses in Africa, and these are the fundamental ideas that we come back to when making decisions.


Make ideas simple so, he can be easy to explain. Express exactly what you mean until they confirm that you've been understood.


Share your thoughts and your work, and be open for critique, because he can help you to refine your though or your work.


Every situation is an opportunity for learning. Don't be ashamed of new mistakes, experiment. Strive yourself to get a little better as you're going.

One Team

We’re all in this together with a shared goal: grow the business. Work as a team, win as a team. Collaborate, strategize, and brainstorm across departments to deliver great work.

Customers first, always

Prioritize the customer above everything else. Build a product that our customers love. Go above and beyond to make them happy. Only when our customers win do we win.

Think big, move fast

We’re defining a new category. Innovation is the name of the game. We look forward. We reimagine. We throw out new ideas. We test things. We move quickly. We challenge the norm. We don’t settle for the status quo.


Don't celebrate your success for long, Customers are waiting for more from us, so we can stretch beyond the limit, and refine the previous result for something new. Above all love, passion and respect are important for us, towards ourselves and our customers.


PaycashPay is one of the services of ITSDB CENTER LLC, a technology company (IT, Fintech, SaaS). We ensure the growth of small businesses and companies. Our mission is to help businesses in Africa and connect businesses through our payment solution gateway, and tools like storefronts to quickly promote your products and services, with more features coming soon