We make business easier through IT

Who we are

Paycashpay is a technology company that helps ambitious businesses solve their payment problems and embrace new technologies such as cryptocurrency payments and the web3 world. We are committed to enabling businesses in Africa to thrive and become profitable.

Our Values

At Paycashpay, our focus is on providing innovative payment solutions that help businesses in Africa grow and connect with new technologies. We offer a range of services designed to make it easier for ambitious businesses to accept payments, including cutting-edge cryptocurrency payment options and integration with the web3 world. Our goal is to help businesses across Africa become more profitable by streamlining the payment process and connecting them with new opportunities.


Simplify your ideas to make them easy to explain. Communicate clearly until your audience confirms that they understand exactly what you mean.


Share your thoughts and your work, and be open for critique, because he can help you to refine your though or your work.


Every situation is an opportunity for learning. Don't be ashamed of new mistakes, experiment. Strive yourself to get a little better as you're going.

One Team

We share a common goal: to grow our business together. Let's work as a team, and celebrate our victories together. By collaborating, strategizing, and brainstorming across departments, we can deliver exceptional work and achieve our objectives.

Customers first, always

Put the customer first. At our core, we're dedicated to building a product that our customers love. We go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction and happiness because only when our customers win do we win. Let's prioritize their needs, listen to their feedback, and constantly improve to exceed their expectations.

Think big, move fast

We're pioneers in a new category, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. We're always looking forward, reimagining the possibilities, testing out new ideas, and moving quickly to stay ahead of the game. We challenge the norm and never settle for the status quo.


Continuously strive for excellence and never settle for past achievements. Our customers rely on us to innovate and exceed their expectations, so we must push ourselves to new limits and constantly refine our results. Love, passion, and respect for ourselves and our customers are at the core of everything we do.


PaycashPay is one of the services of ITSDB CENTER LLC, a technology company (IT, Fintech, SaaS). We ensure the growth of small businesses and companies. Our mission is to help businesses in Africa and connect businesses through our payment solution gateway, and tools like storefronts to quickly promote your products and services, with more features coming soon